On Tuesday, November the 15th 2016 the White Horse Theater visited our school again and performed the stage play "The Dark Lord and the White Witch" for the 6th and 7th grade. It was about the struggle between good and evil.
The plot took place in Underearth, where the evil Lord Morbus wanted to rule this land and tried to populate it with his creation: Man-eating Woks.
The performance invited the audience to a feast. At the feast there was a competition. The participants had to produce a daisy chain. One member of the audience should select the winner. The winner of the competition was a girl called Gala and she was appointed "The Daisy Chain Queen" and received a crown.
Suddenly a woman in a white dress appeared on stage and introduced herself as Ginhilda, the White Witch. She told Gala, that she was the only one, who could defeat Lord Morbus, the Dark Lord, who wants to destroy all good in the world.
Gala accepted the conditions, never to tell anybody of her mission nor to loose the Daisy Chain. She got a bag with a mirror in it from Ginhilda and then she made her way to the castle of Lord Morbus.
The way was dangerous and Gala met an elf who saved her life. Together they went on. The elf tried to persuade Gala to tell him about her mission, but she resisted.
On their further way the met a creature named Glub who seemed to be on the side of Lord Morbus, but then told both, that the Dark Lord stole his flare. As a trio they moved on to the castle.
The last obstacle was a very dangerous water and they had to cross it. Glub was killed by an underwater beast, the elf rescued himself and left Gala to her fate. But Gala was able to save herself and to get into the castle of Lord Morbus.
Lord Morbus turned out to be the elf and he wanted to kill Gala. She pulled the mirror out of the bag and held it in front of Lord Morbus face, so he has to realize his own nastiness. By that the Dark Lord was weakened and Gala was able to out the Daisy Chain around his neck. This destroyed him.
All the performers appeared on stage and Gala found Glubs flare, raised it to the sky and told everybody, that she will never forget him.
At the end the White Witch appointed Gala to be the Queen of this Land.
I really liked the play, but it reminded me of the story "The Wizard of Oz" and it was a little bit too predictable.
Lara Sophie Klein, 7a

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